Striving for socialimpact through digitalinnovation

We work on the intersection
of human culture, technology
and science.

We are a collective of specialists in product design, user experience, prototyping, code development and data-analytics. We develop websites, platforms and tailor-made applications.

Research and experience have shown that multi-disciplinary groups cooperate better and lead to more satisfying project results. This is why we swear by close co-creation with our clients. We might be experts in digital development, but we need our clients to be experts in their field of work.

Let’s put our collective skills to use where it truly matters to enable scientific development and social change. Together we can put smiles on the faces of your customers, clients, patients or employees.

Project PICTUREImproving brain tumortreatment decisions through adigital approachWe developed an application which aims to'map' brain tumor treatment decisions bymerging routine brain MRIs with actual resultsof surgery and radiation.These brain maps, for the first time, enablemedical specialists to share knowledge andultimately provide patients with the besttreatment possible.
LidlBuilding an employer brand by engagingusers through storytelling and interactionIt truly is a challenge to connect 18.500 peopleon a daily basis. In co-creation with Lidl we developeda rich experience hub and an internal app to connectwith existing and potential employees. Leading to aprovable stronger employer brand.

“Our result-driven collaboration contributes to 6.000 new colleagues and an improved employer brand score.”

- Marco Dalmeijer,
   Teamlead Employer Branding & Engagement @ Lidl

Ziggo 360° GigapixelHigh speed and high performance digitalproduction based on amazing visual detailDuring a live event at the Ziggo Dome,Dutch singer Marco Borsato posed for anincredibly detailed Gigapixel picturealong with 17.500 of his fans. Ziggo, BrandNew Live, Gigapixel and Active Collectivemade it possible (in under two weeks time!)to experience, zoom and share this imageon any device.
case Ziggo Gigapixel
Nominated for the SpinAwards


Our digital project 'PICTURE' has been nominated for not one, not two, but three prestigious SpinAwards! We feel privileged and are very grateful. We hope the Spinaward night will become one to remember.

CREATIVE DEVOPSGOT RHYTHM?KEEP DREAMINGSMILE, YOU'RE ON CAMERAWHY SO SERIOUS?GAME CHANGERTHEOFFICEJOKERWork Hard,Play Harder.Ten specialists combinetheir passion and skills inco-creation; striving forsocial impact throughdigital innovation. SMILE, YOU'RE ON CAMERAGOT RHYTHM?THEOFFICEJOKERWork Hard,Play Harder.Ten specialists combinetheir passion and skills inco-creation; striving forsocial impact throughdigital innovation.CREATIVE DEVOPSWHY SO SERIOUS?KEEP DREAMINGGAME CHANGER