Project PICTURE Improving brain tumor treatment decisions through a digital approach We developed an application which aims to 'map' brain tumor treatment decisions by merging routine brain MRIs with actual results of surgery and radiation. These brain maps, for the first time, enable medical specialists to share knowledge and ultimately provide patients with the best treatment possible.


Patients with a brain tumor undergo an intensive treatment combination which consists of neurosurgery, radiation oncology, and chemotherapy. Despite completing the treatment, the tumor always recurs, hence survival is limited. Surgery and radiation are image-guided with high technical precision so the treatment decision where to treat or not has become crucial. A universal quality standard for this decision-making is lacking, because the exact localization of tumors in the brain is complicated by differences in brain activity; there is no such reference frame for the medical specilist. Patients are therefore treated case-by-case based on a medical specialist his or her memory, which will lead to treatment variation and variance in the quality of life for the patient.


Project PICTURE aims to 'map' treatment decisions for the first time by merging routine brain MRIs with results of surgery and radiation of thousands of patients in 3D-visualisation. These brain maps describe the tumor location and also the surgery and radiation results for large patient groups. Also, blood flow complications, radiation damage and the location of the recurring tumor will be visible on this platform. Treatment methods and results between multidisciplinary teams will be compared in detail, and new patterns will be discovered. Decision processes will improve through this standardization and hopefully along with it the perspective of patients.

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The goal of the PICTURE tool is to capture and visualize case-by-case discussions of patients with a brain tumor, which are at the moment based on a medical specialist his or her memory. Data from patients who were treated by connected multidisciplinary teams will be saved and made explicit in an interactive online application. By doing this, individual patient cases can be compared to bundled results from thousands of patients of international expert teams, enabling the medical specialist to enhance the quality of care for patients with brain tumors by collaborating on a global scale.

Target audience

In the first phase of the project, we primarily focus on the researcher and reviewer. Their goal is to assess to what extent the research meets the research guidelines. Their trust in the study and part of the publications and the resulting assessment contribute to the granting of the subsidy application by the research group. And also the dissemination of a positive message about the PICTURE application.

‘Secondary’ user groups (doctors, external parties, etc.) have been increasingly involved in the decision and development process and are highly valued. Their opinion about the application as influencers is critical because eventually, they will need to adapt, use and propagate the tool.

To live up to the expectations of these user groups the PICTURE application needs to be many things at the same time: visually inviting, technically groundbreaking, interactive, elaborate, intuitive and accessible on-the-go (mobile and tablet usage).


An online tool as specific and scientifically challenging as this application demanded close collaboration between medical and digital experts. Some co-creation workshops with the stakeholders resulted in the identification of challenges and solutions. In agile scrum terminology, we speak of User stories and Epics (see An application prototype was designed and developed by using the following prioritized Epics:

  • - Look & feel and tone of voice
  • - Intuitive users flow
  • - Performance of the application
  • - Context-dependent functionalities
  • - The context of the application
  • - Easily share results from MRI-cards with colleagues
  • - Process user input to constantly innovate the platform
  • - Ability to individually manage the MRI cards manually

During 2018 and beyond additional user tests will be carried out and further development will be based on new insights. An essential improvement during the next phase is the addition of managing (collecting, uploading and saving) MRI scans.


We are at the start of a multi-year open source project, in which the tool will be extended into a sophisticated medical instrument, throughout a number of design and development phases.

The current version will be brought to the attention of global medical specialists through press releases upcoming weeks by VUmc and Active Collective. Also, it will be presented at several international neuroscientific conferences. The application could become an integrated part of education programs of the connected partners and possibly even on a broader scale. The project already won a silver and golden SpinAward and has gained international media attention.


The PICTURE application was built during a unique collaboration process in which scientists, medical specialists, and digital developers combined their skills and discussed to co-create an online medical tool. This tool makes doctors aware of their results in relation to other specialists anywhere in the world. Collectively they will be able to enhance treatment decisions and care for people with brain tumors at a faster pace. So we have sped up the learning process. Hopefully due to this project future patients will get the best treatment in any hospital.

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